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Hi there!  Cynthia Tyler.
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Third grade. That’s where I was when I accepted my first proofreading assignment. Okay, it was for my dad. But it was serious! Time rolled by with honors English classes, graduate studies, and a year spent editing a weekly e-journal for an international Jewish organization. And my eyes never stopped working: if there was a typo, or incorrect grammar, or out of place punctuation in any book I read, I seemed to find it. And eventually, authors started finding me!


I've used Cynthia Tyler as my proofreader & editor for two novels and a pair of short stories that were recently published. She is a godsend!

—Bill Wetmore
The Autobiography of Charlie Lord

What I do

Simply put, I want to make your writing an even better version of itself. I’ll never change your words, but I’ll make sure to catch those pesky mistakes, work on historical accuracy, and provide any suggestions I may have.


Latest Musings

What Just Happened?

All too often my reading is interrupted by a near miss. An author has a word in mind that might be exactly the right one, but doesn't quite nail it when it comes to typing it into the manuscript.