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More than just proofreading for spelling, grammar, and punctuation, I’m also keen on historical accuracy. I want YOUR story to be as perfect as possible. To that end, I will comment on word choices; make suggestions for other ways to get across the same idea with more color or detail; call you on using the wrong weapon for the time period; and I won’t let you use ‘site’, when you should have written ‘sight’! My work is a combination of proofreading and line editing, and my method is to highlight, note, and allow you, the author, to make the final call. I do not change your words in the manuscript: that will always be your decision to make. But I will not hesitate to let you know when an improvement can be made.

Cynthia Tyler is the editor I didn’t know I needed. She found me, told me she loved my series, and asked if she could advise me on my next book. She proved herself perfectly suited to being the final eyes on the page. She is able to think like my characters, understanding the peculiarities of their voice and their nuances, and as a poet she enjoys words. She knows the rules but doesn’t get worked up when I break them. She makes suggestions without being heavy handed, and she knows so much about... everything. I rattle off questions occasionally, like ‘what would they eat on board a ship in 1740?’ And she promptly returns with an answer. She is well-read in historical fiction, but also has experience with horses, sailing, rifles... she is like having a historian as a friend interested in helping you succeed. I send her my manuscripts in Google Docs, she leaves comments and notes allowing me to go in and make the changes as I see fit on the final draft. She is fast, and her suggestions are usually right on. I have now been fortunate to call her my editor for five books and plan to continue working with her on my team for many more.

—Diana Knightley
Kaitlyn and the Highlander

I've used Cynthia Tyler as my proofreader/editor for two novels and a pair of short stories that were recently published. She is a godsend! She is incredibly thorough, has a great eye for detail, and has actually made my work readable! Not only does Cynthia catch all my misspellings and grammatical errors, but her comments about character and plot development are always on target. She ALWAYS exceeds my expectations as what a proofreader/editor should do.

—Bill Weltmore
The Autobiography of Charlie Lord

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